Massachusetts First Weed Dispensary to Open Soon

Massachusetts' First Weed Dispensary Set to Finally Open

Bostonians, rejoice! After years of delays, Massachusetts’ first weed dispensary could be opening soon.

Last week, Gov. Charlie Baker issued a first-of-its-kind temporary waiver in order to allow the state’s first medical marijuana dispensary the ability to actually sell cannabis. (A novel idea, I know.) Specifically, this new one-time waiver applies to Alternative Therapy Group of Salem (ATG).

When You're Robbed by the Cops, Where Do You Turn for Help?

When You're Robbed by the Cops, Where Do You Turn for Help?

In February of 2014, college student Charles Clarke was boarding a flight to return to Orlando, Florida after visiting his relatives in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. With him he had $11,000 in cash — his entire life savings. Carrying $11,000 in cash with you is undoubtedly stupid, but by no means illegal… Not yet, anyway.

Yes, Professional Blunt Roller is a Real Job

Yes, Professional Blunt Roller Is a Real Job

Touring is now the main source of revenue for musicians, as anybody can download songs for free.

In 2014, cash generated from touring accounted for more than 80 percent of the income earned by today’s top 40 acts, reports Billboard.

But it’s not just musicians getting paid — touring can support a number of people with various talents, including lighting operators, merch booth cashiers, and even blunt rollers.