Native Americans Mull Over Pot Industry Pro's and Con's

Native Americans Mull Over Pot Industry Pros and Cons

Ever since the Justice Department announced back in December that it would grant the nation’s Native American tribes permission to produce and sell marijuana, various tribes have been trying to figure out whether this is a blessing or a curse.

What many would perceive as a way to cash in on the booming cannabis industry, many tribes are hesitant given the substance abuse problems that already plague many reservations.

Majority of Young Republicans Want to Legalize Marijuana

Most Young Republicans Want to Legalize Pot

The fence between the left and right is getting shorter by the birth year— a Pew Research Center survey has found that 63% of young Republicans believe marijuana should be legalized.

The survey found that while the Millennial generation (1981-1996) was the only Republican age bracket that supports legalization in majority, Gen X (1965-1980) wasn’t too far behind with 47% in favor of legalizing marijuana. However, the percentage dropped to a scant 17% in favor for the Silent Generation (1928-1945).

Cops Find Driver's Weed in Container Labeled "Not Weed"

Cop Finds Weed in Container Labeled "Not Weed"

Hot tip: writing “NOT WEED” on your stash jar isn’t the genius disguise you might think. 

A 21-year-old in Lincoln, Nebraska, was pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence. When the police officer peered in the driver’s window, he noticed a sour cream container sitting on the passenger seat labeled “NOT WEED.”

Believe it or not, the “NOT WEED” sour cream container actually contained weed! 11.4 grams, to be exact.

Sarah Palin's Hometown Passes Insanely Strict Marijuana Regulations

Sarah Palin's Hometown Has Insanely Strict Marijuana Rules

Though Sarah Palin may have shed a tear or two when her home state became the third to enact marijuana legalization in the U.S. Tuesday, her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska, has instituted strict (tight-assed) regulations that may just bring a smile back to her face — that is, if her face is still capable of showing emotion.

Wasilla (population 8,000) is known for its ‘hands-off government’ approach to most things, including hunting, ATVs, and superstores like Walmart. However, Palin’s hometown now has the strictest regulations in the country when it comes to legal marijuana.