UPS Worker Steals 160k Diamond, Trades it for $20 sack of weed

UPS Worker Steals 160K Diamond, Trades It for $20 Sack of Weed

In a number of successive bad decisions that I'm sure lead to one of the worst days of Walter Earl Morrison's short, 20-year life. Morrison, a UPS employee, was unloading cargo off of a plane at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, AZ, when he spotted a package that he somehow thought was stuffed with currency. Morrison then hid the package under his UPS uniform and stashed the goods until he could grab them after his shift. Once he finally got the package open, Morrison did not find any cash; however, unbeknownst to him at the time, what he had found was much more valuable than some loose cash.

NASCAR Blames Pot For Driver Death

NASCAR Blames Pot For Driver Death

Evidently the entity that is NASCAR is trying to somehow spin that marijuana is to blame for the recent tragic death of Kevin Ward Jr. For those who don't know the story, the facts are this: Ward Jr.'s car was struck and sidelined by another car driven by racing celebrity Tony Stewart. A heated Ward proceeded to get out of his car and tried to confront Stewart over the incident. In a sad state of events, Stewart’s car ended up hitting Ward Jr. on the track, killing him almost instantly.

Charlo Green 5 minutes not up yet, trouble with neighbor over pot smoke lands her back in the news

Charlo Greene 5 Minutes Not Up Yet, Trouble with Neighbor Over Pot Smoke Lands Her Back in the News

Charlo Greene, the now famous/infamous depending on how you look at it former Alaska news reporter, recently gained notoriety for quitting on air and dropping the ol’ F-bomb while doing so. Well, Greene's five minutes of fame is lasting a little longer than your usual viral story. A report recently posted on TMZ alleges that Greene toked up so much of the chronic at her apartment that the fumes from the pot made her next door neighbor's young child become sick. Now the neighbor is taking Greene to court.

New Phone App Keeps Track Of How Much Weed You've Smoked

New Phone App Keeps Track of How Much Weed You've Smoked

Most of us drug and alcohol users pretty much know our own tolerance. As long as you’re not taking copious amounts of a substance, you will most likely live to see another day. That being said, it is hard to pin down what constitutes "too much". There are so many factors to consider: last time of use, did I get decent sleep last night, have I eaten anything today, mood, etc. The official guidelines are even worse "no more than one adult beverage a day, perhaps two on the weekend," and as far as drugs go, we all know the company line is "don't take any ever." Not too helpful or realistic in practical terms.

California Legalization 2016

Marijuana Policy Project's Fight for California Legalization 2016 Starts Today

The Marijuana Policy Project, the advocacy group that helped pass legalization in Colorado, has announced that it will file paperwork today with the California secretary of state to form a campaign committee in our own state. The committee will start fundraising immediately to get a measure for marijuana legalization on the November 2016 ballot as soon as possible.

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It's a Go For Operation Grow4Vets,Denver  Vets to Get Free Marijuana

It's a Go for Operation Grow4Vets, Denver Veterans Receive Free Marijuana

Most dispensaries around here at least have a "compassion day" usually on Wednesday where they either give out or sell at an extreme discount small amounts of marijuana to those who truly need it: the seriously medically ill, veterans, homeless, etc. Most of the time, this "compassion weed" is garbage, low-grade crap that the dispensary cannot get rid of, and it takes literally 10 joints to gain any positive effects. I recently have been struck by brilliance by developing a plan to where instead of law enforcement destroying confiscated "illegally grown" marijuana, it should be given to those with low income and serious ailments.