Bigger and Better Cannabis Grand Cru is Coming to Seattle

Though usually not first to come to mind when most people think of recreational cannabis, Washington State made history with Colorado back in November 2012 when it, too, ended marijuana prohibition. Now, the nation’s premier cannabis event, Cannabis Grand Cru, is paying homage to the Evergreen State by coming to the legendary Showbox SoDo in Seattle on Saturday, May 30, 2015.

GreenRush App Launches in Bay Area

GreenRush App Launches in Bay Area

San Francisco’s hottest new tech sector keeps getting hotter this week with the launch ofGreenRush — the latest app to fulfill medical cannabis patients’ needs.

Similar to the Y combinator graduate, Meadow, GreenRush aims to give patients the buds they want from the dispensary of their choice, a la the GrubHub food delivery model. Other apps like Marvina and Nestdrop pick the cannabis source for you. The San Mateo-based company’s founder and CEO Paul Warshaw states:

San Francisco Ponders Legalization in 2016

San Francisco Ponders Legalization in 2016

If California legalizes cannabis for adults in 2016, what will become of San Francisco’s world-class medical dispensaries? How about the unlicensed Golden Gate Park gathering on April 20th? What should local recreational taxes be? How should San Francisco handle cannabis tourism? Gourmet canna-dining? Tastings? Conferences? Festivals?

Suspect Shot & Killed During Illegal Grow Raid Near Sacramento

Suspect Shot & Killed During Grow Raid Near Sacramento

A Fish and Wildlife officer shot and killed an armed man today during the raid of an illegal marijuana grow in Sacramento County. Multiple state agencies were involved in the raid — clearly, since I’m pretty sure this is the first time a Fish and Wildlife “officer” has ever fired a gun at a human (on duty).

Police were conducting the raid at the Cosumnes River Preserve in Elk Grove when they spotted a man brandishing a handgun. When the man pointed the gun at the Fish and Wildlife officer, the officer fired first, killing the man.

Pro MMA Fighter Flees Scene of Accident, Leaves his Pot Behind

MMA Champion Flees Scene of Accident, Leaves His Pot Behind

Marijuana and other paraphernalia were found in the rental car of current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon 'Bones' Jones after he fled the scene of a three-car pileup he caused in Albuquerque, NM, at 11:22 a.m. Sunday morning.

Jones allegedly ran a red light, hitting a car with a pregnant woman driving it. He reportedly hit the car on the driver’s side, forcing it into the front end of another car that was stopped at a red light on the street Jones was initially traveling.