D.C. Initiative 17

Washington D.C. Legalization Camp Selects Slogans for Initiative 17

With the vote to legalize recreational weed in November, the Washington, D.C. pro-legalization camp has settled on its campaign slogan: “Legalize.”

Short and to the point—we like it.

Each campaign poster will also have a sub-header reading, “Vote to refocus police priorities,” or “Legalization ends discrimination.” Both messages speak directly to the main arguments for legalization in D.C. specifically.

Of the 57,000 voters who signed the petition that got Initiative 71 on the November ballot, the majority cited ‘refocus police priorities’ as the main reason to legalize. 

Colorado Marijuana Taxes

Recreational Weed Outsells Medical in Colorado, Brings Total Tax Revenue to $18.6 Million

Just seven months since legalization, recreational marijuana has outsold medical in the state of Colorado.

Well, that didn’t take long.

Tax records for July show that recreational dispensaries in Colorado made $28,921,068, while medical dispensaries made $28,313,034, amounting to a $608,000 difference. There are currently about 200 recreational dispensaries in Colorado compared to 400 medical dispensaries, but it is predicted that more medical will convert to recreational to get a piece of the rising action.

NFL Set To Allow Higher THC levels in It's Players

NFL Set To Allow Higher THC Levels in Its Players

I have been meaning to get to this story for some time, and now that the NFL season is upon us and in full swing, I ask you: Why not now, why not us? Let's dive right in and talk about nanograms, metabolites, and milliliters of blood, shall we? These new "buzzwords" or "stats" can be just as important to today's NFL player as touchdowns scored, yards per catch, quarterback ratings, and sacks. Let's run through some of these cannabis stats and figure out what this means.

Ben & Jerry's Satisfy My Bowl

Ben & Jerry's Releases Bob Marley Ice Cream 'Satisfy My Bowl'

Ben & Jerry’s finally pays tribute to the man who’s inspired millions of purchases of their ice cream for generations: Bob Marley.

“Satisfy My Bowl” is banana ice cream with caramel and cookie swirls, packed with chocolate peace signs. It’s currently available only in the United Kingdom, but hopefully high demand (ha) will change that and bring it stateside, much like Marley himself.

Proceeds from the ice cream’s purchase will go to the 1Love Foundation and Partners for Youth Empowerment to aid youths in Jamaica.

Cash Seizures

Flawed Laws Allow Police to Seize Millions in Cash from Innocent Motorists

The Washington Post has published an article exposing the abuse of the federally advocated police procedure of seizing cash in highway stops. The Post has proven the process that started as weapon against drug smuggling has been corrupted into an inter-police competition to see how much cash an officer can seize for his own department. Supporting this is the fact that hundreds of millions of dollars has been seized by police since 9/11 from motorists not charged with any crime.