Tweets About Weed Are 15 Times More Likely to Be Pro-Pot Than Anti

Weed Tweets Are 15 Times More Likely to Be Pro-Pot Than Against

A new study has found that Twitter loves weed. **Cue shocked reaction from no one.**

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis gathered 7.6 million weed-related tweets over one month and analyzed a sampling of 7,000 selected from user accounts with more than 775 followers or a Klout score of 44 or higher (which measures social media influence on a scale of 1-100). They found there were 15 times as many pro-pot tweets sent as anti-pot tweets.

Jamaica is Ready to Reform Marijuana Laws

Jamaica Is Ready to Reform Marijuana Laws

Although Jamaica is world famous for its natural resource of ganja, the rules governing the plant’s use are strict, and the punishments for getting caught with the herb are harsh. For decades now the debate has raged within Jamaica over the government lightening its current stance on marijuana regulation. Now with a number of other countries and the U.S. leading the charge towards legalization, the Jamaican government is rethinking its position and is well on its way to implementing new marijuana reform plans.

X-Games Causes Spike in Donations to Aspen Airport Pot Drop Box

X-Games Spike Donations to Aspen Airport Pot Drop Box

Aspen, Colorado’s airport drop box for pot products has seen a spike in donations lately—specifically since the X-Games started in the rocky mountain town.

Amnesty drop boxes were first installed in Colorado airports last year as a place for those traveling to legally deposit any leftover cannabis products on their person. This was a great idea, limiting both the number of awkward conversations with TSA about drug smuggling versus just “forgetting it was there,” and promoting a sustainable lifestyle by recycling what would just be thrown away as waste (and what a waste it would be).