It's a Go for First Hemp Airplane

It's A Go for First Hemp Airplane

Hemp and resin panels are replacing fiberglass in an experimental plane project that seeks to raise $500,000 on Kickstarter.

Ontario resident and former organic restaurant operator Derek Kesek intends to fly a 75 percent hemp plane that runs on hemp-based bio-diesel from Kitty Hawk, N.C., in Spring 2016, Outside Magazine reports March 16.

Marijuana v Alcohol, A Doctors Advice

Marijuana vs Alcohol: A Doctor's Advice

No one wants their kids engaging in any risky behavior, but if one pediatrician had to chose between their teen experimenting with alcohol or with pot — the answer was clear.

“When someone asks me whether I’d rather my children use pot or alcohol, after sifting through all the studies and all the data, I still say ‘neither.’ Usually, I say it more than once. But if I’m forced to make a choice, the answer is ‘marijuana’.”

Watch First Episode of High Finanace

Watch: First Episode of 'High Finance'

High Finance is a new bi-weekly web series brought to you by the very knowledgeable ladies of The new series will focus on the financial news of the cannabis industry.

High Finance brings you up-to-date news on marijuana investments, stocks, economy, company profiles, and new business ventures. Look for new episodes every Tuesday and Friday.

Watch the latest video below.