New Confiscation Law Would Put Burden of Proof  on Law Enforcement

New Confiscation Law Would Put Burden of Proof on Law Enforcement

Finally someone is on our side—someone to fight for us and for our rights being violated many times on a daily basis. Cops and federal agents have been taking stuff from innocent people, and admittedly some not-so-innocent people, at an ever-increasing rate for more than a decade. Law enforcement’s current train of thought involves a set of civil forfeiture laws, which actually encourage federal agents and local police to seize items from people whom are believed to be involved in criminal activity.

Charlo Greene Quits On Air to Become Cannabis CEO

News Anchor Shocks Coworkers, Quits on Air to Pursue Job as Cannabis CEO

News anchor Charlo Greene quit her job on the air last night to become a cannabis CEO, and she did it with sass.

After covering a story about Alaska’s upcoming vote to legalize recreational marijuana centered around “The Alaskan Cannabis Club,” a business that connects dispensaries with medical marijuana patients, Greene revealed that she is the CEO of the club and will be quitting her job as a reporter—well, immediately.

Denver Police, Via Podcast Adress Halloween Pot edible Worries

Denver Police Address Halloween Pot-Candy Worries Via Podcast

According to a Denver Police Department podcast (police departments now have podcasts? News to me…), calls and emails have already started flooding in from parents concerned that their kids will possibly be slipped cannabis edibles while trick-or-treating on Halloween night. In the latest DPD podcast, the interview segment is with two high-ranking members of the Denver "marijuana unit." Much of the podcast touched on the usual questions, like how much marijuana you can have on your person, growing regulations, and DUI limits.

Maureen Dowd's Bad Trip, Vanity Fair Cartoon

Maureen Dowd's Bad Trip Inspires Ads for Responsible Edible Use

The Marijuana Policy Project, which helped legalize recreational weed in Colorado, has launched an ad campaign to remind people to use edibles responsibly. The ads are inspired by what was once the number-one pain in The Project's ass: New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd’s well documented freakout on rocky mountain weed chocolate.

The Project’s campaign will feature billboards offering advice to tourists who have come to enjoy the state’s greenest pastures: “Don’t let a candy bar ruin your vacation.”

Waka Flocka Flame Will Hire Designated Blunt-Roller

Waka Flocka Flame Will Hire Designated Blunt-Roller for $50,000/Year

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame is hiring a designated blunt roller. (The Smoking Bud’s office empties.)

On Monday, the entrepreneurial rapper forewent CraigsList for Instagram and posted the want ad below.

That’s right, $50,000 per year, and all you have to do is roll exceptional blunts. To apply, post an image or video demonstrating your blunt-rolling abilities with #ICanRoll and wait for the job offers to come pouring in! (That was a joke.)

Word on the street is Seth Rogen has already submitted an application, so get busy rollin’!