X-Games Causes Spike in Donations to Aspen Airport Pot Drop Box

X-Games Spike Donations to Aspen Airport Pot Drop Box

Aspen, Colorado’s airport drop box for pot products has seen a spike in donations lately—specifically since the X-Games started in the rocky mountain town.

Amnesty drop boxes were first installed in Colorado airports last year as a place for those traveling to legally deposit any leftover cannabis products on their person. This was a great idea, limiting both the number of awkward conversations with TSA about drug smuggling versus just “forgetting it was there,” and promoting a sustainable lifestyle by recycling what would just be thrown away as waste (and what a waste it would be).

Vallejo, Ca Votes to Shut Down all MMJ Dispensaries

Vallejo, CA Votes to Shut Down All MMJ Dispensaries

Vallejo City Council members voted this week to shut down all operating medical marijuana dispensaries within their city limits.

According to the Vallejo Times-Herald, the decision came due to the fact that only 11 of the 26 dispensaries operating within the city were maintaining an active tax certificate.

The city’s Measure C law imposes a business license tax rate of 10 percent on the sale of all medical marijuana products sold within the city.

Illinois MMJ Program has Made Absolutely Zero Progress

Illinois MMJ Program Has Made Absolutely Zero Progress

After almost a year and a half, the Illinois medical marijuana program remains M.I.A. Sure, the patients have been approved, fingerprinted, and paid their fees, but progress by the Illinois state government has thus far moved at less than a snail’s pace. Not a single seed has been planted. No dispensary applications have even been approved yet. And none of the 650 Illinois residents who are approved to buy medical marijuana have been able to attain any.