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Cannabis.net is a global social networking site for the legalized cannabis industry, connecting visitors with dispensaries, delivery services, doctors, lawyers, and industry services.

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You Can Now Bet on Cannabis Legalization—Literally

You Can Bet on Cannabis Legalization—Literally

Through the thousands and thousands of years of human evolution, some things have remained in our DNA from the early days of cave men tossing rocks against a cave wall in an early form of dice. Gambling, odds, odd makers, and predicting the future all entice us with the questions, "What if I knew the future?” and “How could I make money from that knowledge?". The answer could be as easy as knowing the final score of a game before it takes place and then placing a wager on that said game. There is gambling and wagering on all aspects of life, from sports matches to cards and games in casinos, all the way to friendly wagers between people

Meet the "Doctors for Cannabis Regulation"

Meet the "Doctors for Cannabis Regulation"

More than 50 physicians, a former general surgeon, and faculty from some of the country’s most prominent medical schools have joined forces to launch the first national organization of medical professionals who are in favor of cannabis legalization. While there are dozens of national associations of doctors, there hasn’t been a single one created for them to speak out about the legalization of marijuana… until today.