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How to Become a MacGyver of At-Home Grow Boxes

How to Become a MacGyver of At-Home Grow Boxes

According to the Urban Dictionary, being a MacGyver implies that you have the ability to “use a Dorito, some duct tape, and a paper clip to create a time machine.” Well, you may not be that handy, but you can piece together an amazingly effective marijuana grow box from household items.

There are a few essential components necessary to build a great grow box. Here are the critical parts and creative ways to build them:

1 – Shell

Marijuana Is Growing in London in Plain Sight

Marijuana Is Growing in Plain Sight All Over London

Marijuana growing along city streets? Flowering plants tucked into public gardens? Not even Colorado has gone so far as to include cannabis in decorative public landscaping. But renegade cannabis activists in London are making it happen every day.

Cannabis advocate group Feed the Birds has been distributing cannabis seeds to anyone interested in helping their cause since 2014.