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Joe Klare has written about cannabis issues since 2009, penning thousands of articles. His comedic alter ego – Stoner Jesus – can be heard on stonerjesus.net!

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Will the DEA Dec ide to Reschedule Marijuana?

Will the DEA Decide to Reschedule Marijuana?

Federal officials announced last week that they are looking into the possible rescheduling of cannabis in the federal Controlled Substances Act and that they should make a decision by July. As many of you know, cannabis’ classification as a Schedule I drug means the federal government maintains that it is highly addictive with no medical value.

Treating Marijuana Like Alcohol Means a Place to Smoke

Treating Marijuana Like Alcohol Means a Providing Place to Smoke

As many of you know, the sale, possession and growing of a limited amount of cannabis is allowed in Colorado for those aged 21 years or older. In Denver there are many places you can buy cannabis, yet the only place you can smoke it is in your own home or on someone else’s private property if they give you permission.

In other words, someone who drinks alcohol can go to any number of bars or lounges or restaurants and drink as much as they want, but someone who has legally purchased cannabis does not have that option.