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Marijuana Price Index: July 2015

Marijuana Price Index: July 2015

The current overall U.S. price index continues to decline, falling $5 short of last month’s numbers and $9 short of the year-to-date average. July was the complete opposite of the previous month. Both Mid-Grade and Schwag saw a sharp decline, down $17 and $9, respectively. The Top-Shelf grade was the only positive, gaining back the ground that it had lost in June.

Wow, so many states vying for the top spot as Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, and New York are all reporting $400 ounces. Meanwhile Tennessee holds it down for the second month in a row with the cheapest reported prices in the U.S.

Snoop Dogg Busted for Pot in Sweden

Snoop Dogg Busted for Pot in Sweden

Snoop Dogg has vowed never to visit Sweden again after getting arrested over the weekend on suspicion of marijuana possession, reports the Guardian.

The rapper and stoner icon posted a series of NSFW video rants to Instagram during the whole ordeal, where he apologizes in advance to Swedish fans that he’s never come back to their country, and to thank their police chief for the decision.

Marijuana Themed TV Ad Yanked from Colorado Station

Marijuana-Themed TV Ad Yanked from Colorado Station

A first-of-its-kind television ad for a cannabis product was all set to air on a local Colorado station, but it was pulled from the commercial lineup over legal concerns.

The short, 15-second spot for Neos, a cannabis company that makes ‘vape pens’ infused with cannabis oil, was scheduled to air on Denver ABC affiliate KMGH shortly before the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show.

However Scripps, the parent company of the local Denver station KMGH, stepped in and decided that the commercial shouldn’t run after all.

Lil Wayne Kicked Off Plane for Smoking Weed

Lil Wayne Kicked Off Plane for Smoking Weed

Apparently you can’t fly high, even if you’re Lil Wayne. Minutes after takeoff on Tuesday, the crews of Lil Wayne’s chartered private jet turned around and kicked the rapper off for allegedly sparking a blunt minutes after wheels up.

According to TMZ, Weezy informed the pilot that he and his entourage would, in fact, be hot boxing the cabin. The pilot was less than impressed and told the group that they could absolutely not smoke on the airplane.

Marijuana Company Springs for Tornado Victims Hotel Rooms

Marijuana Company Springs for Tornado Victims' Hotel Rooms

The unfortunate people who lost their homes last week when a tornado wreaked havoc on the central Illinois city of Delavan received help from a new business in town.

Revolution Enterprises, one of the leading medical marijuana companies in the state and also part of the devastated community, is paying for hotel rooms for residents displaced by the powerful tornado.

When the twister touched down, more than 50 homes were damaged as the tornado, which reached wind speeds of up to 120 mph, tore a one-mile path through the community of nearly 1,700 residents.

DC State Fair Now has a Cannabis Growing Contest

DC State Fair Now Has a Cannabis Growing Contest

This year’s state fair in D.C. will feature some of their newly legalized weed to pair with deep-fried candy bars and funnel cakes.

The D.C. State Fair recently announced the addition of a marijuana growing competition to this year’s lineup, reports the Washington Post.

The “Best Buds” category now joins a list of contests that include awards for best honey, homebrews, and pickled foods.