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Alaska Says: Keep Your Marijuana in the Trunk

Alaska Says Keep Your Marijuana in the Trunk

Alaska assembly members have authored “the trunk rule”, a proposed Anchorage ordinance that would make it law to keep your cannabis in the trunk of your vehicle while traveling.

Basically the new ordinance would update the current alcohol open-container law to include marijuana provisions, and help shape the way the people of Anchorage do things, like transport a batch of marijuana brownies to a friend’s house.

Marijuana Price Index: June 2015

Marijuana Price Index: June 2015

The month of June was a two-headed monster — both the overall U.S. marijuana price index and the Kind grade dropped a full $10 below what they were in May. Furthermore the Kind index has fallen to the lowest price since December 2014 when it reached a low of $362. On a positive note, both ‘Mid-grade’ and ‘Schwag’ finished strong to end the month above their previous month's averages.

New York took back top honors for most expensive bud in the country. On the flip side some new comers are on the list for USA's cheapest cannabis. Big shout out to Michigan, Tennessee, and Colorado.