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Kelly Clarkson Talks Pot With Rolling Stone

Kelly Clarkson Talks Pot With Rolling Stone

Kelly Clarkson is all about freedom in 2015.

The former American Idol winner celebrates the final installment of her six-record deal with RCA Records this year, which was signed immediately after she won the musical competition’s debut season in 2002.

Clarkson apparently loves her newfound freedom from the mainstream music business so much that she’s now fighting for the right to legalize marijuana.

Marijuana Price Index: April 2015

Marijuana Price Index: April 2015

April was pretty tame compared to past months, as the market saw no major fluctuations. All grades hung around last month’s prices except for schwag, which saw a nice increase of $11.

New York has taken back the top spot for most expensive ganja in the U.S., with Virginia and New Jersey a close second. Oregon still has all the other states handily beat when it comes to cheap marijuana prices.



Year-to-date average - $301/oz 

Mar 2015 - $308/oz 

Apr 2015 - $310/oz (+$2)


Meadow Delivery App Hooks up with Sidecar

Meadow Delivery App Hooks Up with Sidecar

The race is on to become the leader in medical cannabis delivery.

San Francisco’s Y combinator graduate Meadow announced today they’ll deliver even more medical cannabis to California patients by leveraging the ride app Sidecar’s drivers and delivery logistics.

The partnership allows Meadow’s partner dispensaries like The Apothecarium to access a bigger delivery system, powered by Sidecar, to deliver medical marijuana to patients across the Bay Area.

Meadow writes:

New Rules Force Seattle to Cancel Annual High Times Cannabis Cup

New Rules Force Seattle to Cancel High Times Cannabis Cup

A new state law in Washington is changing the medical marijuana landscape and any public events that are associated with the plant.

Washington State, from here on out, will be funneling all marijuana-related activities directly through the state liquor control board. This change in marijuana management has claimed its first victim, and it's a big one. The High Times Cannabis Cup in Seattle has run afoul of the newly implemented bureaucratic red tape, and despite event coordinators’ best efforts, they have been forced to cancel the event.