10 Best Marijuana Gadgets You Will Not See at CES 2015

10 Best Marijuana Gadgets You Will Not See at CES 2015

This year’s International Consumer Electronics Show is now underway in Las Vegas, showing off all the latest technology that will be available to us throughout 2015.

CES showcases new tech across different industries such as cellphones, video games, and home appliances. But what about weed? Ever since marijuana has gradually become legal throughout the U.S., technology has provided unprecedented new methods of growing, consuming, and even purchasing cannabis.

Since this is one industry that isn’t accounted for at CES 2015, here’s ten of the best weed gadgets that won’t be mentioned in any keynote speech.


This medical marijuana delivery smartphone app has made buying weed akin to ordering a pizza. Users can simply browse the menu and have top shelf buds delivered to them wherever they might be. Although Eaze is only currently available in San Francisco, expansion to other markets such as Los Angeles are in the plans.

Firefly Vaporizer

It may resemble the look of an old Nokia cellphone, but this dry-herb vaporizer is loaded with new tech. A borosilicate glass heating chamber vaporizes your finest herbs while a magnetic faceplate keeps the bowl safe from spilling or burning fingers. A must-have for those who still prefer vaping buds instead of concentrates.

LumiGrow LED Lights

Light-emitting diodes, otherwise known as LED, have revolutionized today’s lighting systems — be it for street lights, televisions, and even growing marijuana. LumiGrow’s greenhouse lights are twice as effective as normal grow lights while reducing energy consumption by as much as 70 percent. Growers can expect lower operating costs alongside larger crop yields.

Turbo Trimmerz

Manicuring cannabis is the often unsung last step before it can be properly smoked, getting rid of all the excess stems and leaves with no medicinal value. While trimming a few personal plants with traditional cutters doesn’t seem so bad, manicuring entire crops can surely lead to tired hands. Enter Turbo Trimmerz, which can effectively trim buds with automatic blades, leaving your hands cramp-free. Turbo Trimmerz are currently still in the development stage, but expect them to be available soon this year.

VapeXhale Cloud EVO

Those looking for the ultimate desktop vaporizer need look no further than the Cloud EVO.The latest addition to VapeXhale’s stellar product lineup provides the function of a high-quality vaporizer within the form of a traditional bong. Get full flavor out of your dry herbs through an all-glass vapor path and expert heating system. And if you find yourself getting all nostalgic over bongwater, the glass-end of the Cloud EVO can even be upgraded with one containing a water filter.

Fumo Pipe

This convenient little piece is somewhat of a hybrid, combining the functions of a pipe, water hukkah, and steam roller. After lighting your bowl, a push-button carb fills the three-inch glass tube with flavorful smoke. Hardcore chiefers can even switch out the tube for an extended 6, 9, or 12-inch upgrade.

Bud Bomb

This nifty gadget marries the portability and convenience of a hand-held pipe with the cool, heavy draw of a bong hit. The smoke travels around an air-tight precision-made helix, guaranteeing a satisfyingly cool and smooth hit each time. For best results, throw the Bud Bomb in the freezer before using it.


Although this pipe bears more resemblance to a spark plug than a smoking accessory, the Incredibowl lives up to its name. This portable device features a heat sink and expansion chamber that provides a smooth, full-flavor hit each time. The Incredibowl is also constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum and a tube made from shatterproof polycorbonate — the same material as bulletproof glass — so don’t expect this thing to break on you any time soon.

Cannabix Breathalyzer

It may not sound like good news that police and highway patrol are likely to implement these breathalyzers this year, but it’s great news considering the alternative method. Currently, select law enforcement agencies are using oral swabs to determine a weed DUI. This unreliable method can pick up traces of THC even if it’s been several days since the tested person used marijuana, whereas Cannabix’s prototype model can determine current THC levels. Taking a Cannabix breathalyzer might actually get you out of trouble depending on the circumstance.

Life is Strange

This entry might actually be seen at CES, as video game companies comprise a decent chunk of the show floor. Gamers play as a pot-smoking teenage girl, navigating through a fictional Oregon town in an attempt to solve the mysterious disappearance of a classmate. Square Enix’s episodic drama will premiere on major game consoles later this month, with four more episodes to be released every six weeks.

Story by Oscar Pascual at Smell The Truth. Be sure to check out Smell The Truth for all the latest and greatest cannabis news.