Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review

Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review

“Wake me up before you Go-Go, so I can wake and bake the Arizer Solo!”

That's how that song goes, right? I can only guess George Michael (singer/songwriter) would write an ode to the Arizer Solo 27 years a before its release because it works THAT well.

Oops... Wrong George Michael.

Where do I even begin on this vape? Trying to go into detail about what I love about our Arizer would end up in a cheesy rip off of the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, where I rhyme 10 things I love about the Solo and run out of the classroom crying. Anyone who has used an Arizer Solo will agree with me when I say it is one the top-tier portable vapes, but what makes it so special? Whether you are a communal or a loner stoner, this review is going to help you make an informed decision whether or not the Arizer Solo is right for you.

This is the Arizer Solo. We called ours "Maverick".

There is a reason we called our Solo “Maverick”; Maverick is the hot-shot pilot from Top Gun who only has got the need… The need for speed! Okay, so maybe our solo doesn’t have THE NEED FOR SPEED, but he is a hot-shot when it comes to vaping.


·      7 different manual heat settings - I usually set mine to 7 because I’m a ride-or-die type chick.

·      Long battery life - At the highest setting each bowl will last you 12 minutes, totaling out to a 90-minute battery life at full charge.

·      Leaves minimal smell - The worst smell it makes is burnt popcorn, but that’s easier to explain to the landlord.

·      Battery powered (no wires) - Only needs to be plugged in while charging.

·      Lightweight, easy to use - Just inhale through the mouthpiece.

·      Produces high vape quality - Even better when you’re watching X-Files.

·      Reasonably priced - Priced at $224.00 here.

·      Automatic shut off - No more burning my hands to see if the bowl is done for this cowgirl!

·      Continuous use while charging - ONLY ON NEW MODELS.


·      Glass mouthpiece - Can be easily broken if you drop it. The dangers of marijuana, folks!

·      Battery is out of reach -This is only a problem if you need to change the battery and you’re like me and don’t have one of those tiny screw drivers.

·      Big - Won’t fit in the palm of your hand like other vapes will.

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons. The biggest complaint people had is that the Solo does not fit in the palm of your hand, so Arizer came out with the Arizer Air. The Air is practically the same as the Solo, but with a more compact design and an extra $30 price tag. Although I would recommend the Solo to every Tom, Dick, and George Michael that asked, it is not the “party vape” that is meant to be shared amongst a large group (like, say, the Volcano) but an introverted vape that prefers the company of one or two people while relaxing at home to five episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

In total, I would give the Arizer:

4.5 George Michaels / 5 George Michaels

Damn, wrong George Michael again!


·      You can smoke concentrates with the Solo by adding cotton ball, vaped weed, or regular cannabis to the bowl with a dab on top/sandwiched in between.

·      Invest in the bent, L-shaped mouthpiece. It has a smoother airflow and it looks like you’re drinking out of a straw!

·      Only the new models of the Solo allow continuous use while charging, but if you have or manage to get an older model, then Arizer has a power adapter so you don’t need to waste the battery.

Happy vaping!


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