The Brave New World of Marijuana Advertising

The Brave New World of Marijuana Advertising

With marijuana legalization comes an explosion of marijuana-related businesses. Not only the obvious businesses that deal with growing and selling, but all of the other ancillary businesses from transportation to bong makers to security.

One of the keys to any successful business is advertising. For most business owners, cost is really the only consideration when it comes to deciding on ads. But for those in the marijuana industry, there are a few more things to consider.

As more states legalize, most are going to include advertising restrictions when it comes to television and radio. By and large, advertising for the burgeoning cannabis industry will be done on the Internet. But even in the supposedly uncensored world of the web there are restrictions, especially when it comes to the big sites like Google and Facebook.

I’ve seen these restrictions personally when it comes to the Internet radio show of my comedic alter ego, Stoner Jesus. I can’t run Google ads on my website and I was told by Facebook that I didn’t meet "community standards" after four days of running ads with them. So I survive mainly on word of mouth and the advertising I get from awesome sites like The Smoking Bud.

Cannabis-friendly sites are the main source of advertising for the marijuana industry. Even though this is not done by choice for most businesses, it has had the fortunate effect of growing cannabis sites at a quicker pace. More advertising revenue usually leads to more content, which leads to more traffic, which leads to more ads, and so on. This and the relatively young age of cannabis users has led to a massive presence online for the cannabis community.

Sometimes you have to make your own way. When roads are blocked, new ones have to be created. This is good training for future innovation and success.