Cannabis Energy Drink Gives a Good Buzz

Cannabis Energy Drink Gives a Good Buzz

There are all types of ways to enjoy cannabis these days. You have the traditional smoking, adding it as a special ingredient in your favorite baked goods, the newly popular vaporizers and now thanks to an Austrian based beverage company, you can drink it. The Cannabis Energy Drink, released in 2014, is an all-natural energy drink that includes hemp seed oil to appeal to cannabis lovers everywhere. Just like other energy drinks this one includes caffeine and sugar as its base, vitamin B complex, and Taurine.  Unlike other energy drinks, this one contains cannabis.

Will I get high?

Don’t let the name fool you, unfortunately there will be no high times after drinking one of these energy drinks. Cannabis Energy Drink includes the part of the Cannabis Sativa plant that is usually looked at as “useful hemp”.  Although the Cannabis Sativa plant is linked to marijuana, the hemp seeds contain almost non-measurable amounts of THC. The average can of Cannabis Energy Drink contains 50mg of hemp seed oil extract and contains no THC or other psychoactive substances. This means that even if you choose to go through a whole case it is most unlikely that you would feel as if you just smoked a joint. The main active ingredient in all energy drinks is the sensory affecting substance Taurine, which is an active brain stimulant that is known to increase brain activity and even athletic performance. Taurine is usually mixed with caffeine to provide that extra boost and found in your run of the mill energy drinks such as Red Bull and Monster. So although Cannabis Energy Drink won’t get you high, the mellowing effects of the hemp seed extract, the stimulant Taurine, and a boost of vitamin B , will provide a smooth jolt of energy that can help you get through your day.

Where can I buy it?

While the energy drinks aren’t widely available at your neighborhood corner store, they are distributed in over 26 countries including Brazil and the Netherlands as well as select states in the US. The drinks come in 3 different flavors including the regular Cannabis Energy Drink, Cannabis Light Drink which contains less caffeine, and Cannabis Energy Drink-Mango. Even with the addition of the hemp seed extract, the drinks are completely legal and can be consumed by almost anyone who wants a natural boost. Cannabis Energy Drink prides itself on its all natural qualities and is completely gluten free, vegan, wheat free, lactose free and dairy free. Available to order on their website, a 24-case of Cannabis Energy Drink can be yours for around $50.00 plus taxes and shipping.