Cannabis-Themed "Shark Tank" Hits Vegas

Cannabis Themed "Shark Tank" Hits Vegas

Get ready ganjapreneurs, a special marijuana-themed Shark Tank  forum is happening this Tuesday at the Green Valley Ranch Resort in Las Vegas, NV. Before you pack your bags and head over to Vegas with all your "ganja-gadgets," you should know that unfortunately this is a closed event and no tickets will be sold. The only way to attend is to be an invited guest, a member of the national media, or a member of the exclusive billionaire group ArcView (an investor network of billionaires and techies).

Since I do not fit into any of these categories at the moment, I begrudgingly will not be in attendance and more importantly will miss my chance to meet talk show vixen Ricky Lake. Did I mention Ms. Lake is coming out of talk show exile to host the cannabis invention forum?

Judges will run the gamut from liberal to conservative politicians and high-ranking business executives from companies such as Dixie Brands and Zynga. So why keep such a forum hush-hush? My guess is they already have a good idea of what will be proposed and don't want to take any chances on the potentially highly profitable intellectual property being stolen by rivals.