CloudV Electro Portable e-Nail Review

Review: CloudV Electro Portable e-Nail with Side Arm Aqua Bubbler

Dabbing rules. I know it, you know it, even Cam Newton knows it. But would I ever go through the trouble of buying and tending a butane torch in my own home? (Not to mention hiding it when guests come over because let’s get real, it looks a little crack-y.) Nah. I’ve got vape pens, papers, and my trusty bong Ol’ Faithful for ensuring I can easily enjoy my Chinese delivery and What We Do in the Shadows when I so choose. So while dabbing is a more effective, healthful, and need I say cooler-looking way to get high, I’ve rarely had the chance to do so.

Enter the CloudV Electro Portable e-Nail.

When I first took it out of the discreet box it arrived in, all I could think was damn. It comes in a sleek, black, padded box that closes and opens by a magnetic hinge, meaning it’s the perfect storage and carrying case to keep the rig in. It’s also pretty incog, blending in well on a bookshelf or fitting easily under a bed.

What I love about the Electro is how quickly you can go from opening the lid of the box to taking your first dab. All pieces are packed in securely and logically; you really don’t even need the manual to figure it out. (Base, battery, bubbler, nail, lid, tool — everything has a clear role and is easy to assemble, even for the novice dabber.)

Now, CloudV has two versions of the Electro, one with a traditional, vertical bubbler and one with the Side Arm Aqua Bubbler. Considering myself fancy, I opted for the latter. The side arm bubbler adds a whole other element of design to the rig, making it look more like an electric bong than a hot nail you melt wax on. The bubbler itself is easy to fill, just run some water down the hole in its top and suck in to trap the optimal amount. Another great thing about this attachment is that it’s freestanding, so you don’t run the risk of it tipping over of its own volition and spilling dab water on the carpet. (Though dab water would be much preferable to bong water, I’m sure we can all agree.)

But let’s get back to the box. Happy as a kid on Christmas morning (or if I’m being honest, my adult self on Christmas morning), I began to assemble my Electro. Inside the box, you’ll find the Aqua Bubbler, battery, two nails, the CloudV Pro tool, glass lid, charging base, cable and adapter, and the owner’s manual.

I screwed the nail into the battery, attached the watered bubbler, placed the lid on top, and fitted my inaugural dab to the tool — easy as that.

I had stopped by my local dispensary Good Chemistry a few hours earlier in anticipation for this maiden voyage, and after consulting with a particularly cute budtender named Tony, settled on a gram of Sour Diesel Rosin (sativa, 77.1% THC). I placed a small amount onto the cool nail (I wanted to enjoy multiple dabs to fully familiarize myself with my new toy), pushed the button on the battery three times fast, and watched it flash blue.

Within seconds, the chamber was filling with thick, white smoke. I placed my mouth to the bubbler and slowly inhaled, relishing the smoothness of the vapor and the sweet taste of sativa. I felt the effects almost instantly as I exhaled.

Glad that I had started small, I slipped off the bubbler and placed it next to the battery in its charger, careful not to touch the nail. The manual says to give the nail 10 minutes to make sure it’s fully cooled before touching it, though frankly I don’t see why you would even want to so soon. (Unless you have intense OCD and need to clean your nail RIGHT NOW whenever you use it, in which case might I suggest a strain of the high-CBD varietal?) When you’re certain the nail has cooled, I recommend wiping it down with a cleansing wipe before you store it away; it’ll keep things looking and tasting fresh, and with proper care, you’ll never have to buy another nail again.

Feeling great, I sat back to enjoy my high and admire my new best friend.

A few snacks later, I was ready for round two. Wanting the full experience, I decided to mix up the temperature settings. When the Electro flashes blue, the nail is heating to 800°F. To step it up to the red setting, which heats at 1000°F, simply hold down the button for four seconds and watch things get heated. This time, she smoked.

I have to say, the Electro scores 10 out of 10 in my book. Super easy to use, efficient, and good-looking with high functionality (literally) — it’s truly the future of dabs. And I haven’t even emphasized the best point: it’s portable.

If you charge your Electro overnight in its stand-up charging base, it’ll provide you with hours of dabs on the go. Whether in your car before a movie, at a friend’s before a night out, or even out of your Camelback on the slopes (keep it in the box and don’t fall…), this baby provides the clean, crisp, long-lasting high we’ve come to expect from concentrates wherever, whenever you need it.

I’ll admit, I’ve known about the health and fiscal benefits of dabbing for years, but that butane torch was intimidating. My Electro just looks like a sexy new piece for my collection and is even easier to use than traditional glass pieces, since you don’t need a lighter, a match, or a butane torch — just an extremity to push the button. Sorry, Ol’ Faithful, but I’ve moved on to better things.

To order your own CloudV Electro Portable e-Nail (Side Arm Aqua Bubbler recommended), click here. It'll serve you well, and look great on your bookshelf.

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