The Denver/Jamaica Pot Connection

The Denver - Jamaica Pot Connection

The newly formed United Cannabis Corpone of a growing number of cannabis-related consulting firms, which originally set out to provide marijuana cultivation consulting—is now throwing its hat in the political ring, so to speak. However, the cannabis consulting company is not trying to change things in their home base of Denver, Colorado, or even in the U.S. as a whole. The firm caught wind that Jamaica is working on legislation to decriminalize marijuana on the island and decided to head southeast.

As far back as I can remember, marijuana has been a cultural icon for the Caribbean island, however contrary to popular belief, the use and cultivation of marijuana in Jamaica is highly illegal. United Cannabis Corp hopes to change all this by restoring law and order in the cannabis realm, restoring the purity of the legendary Jamaican strains, and instituting a standardized breeding process.

"I have visited Jamaica during my 20-year career cultivating medical cannabis and have long championed their decriminalization of marijuana," said Earnest Blackmon, CEO of United Cannabis Corp. "With that milestone clearly on the horizon, we formed CRD to formally establish our presence in Jamaica."

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