Ebola.com Purchased for Over 200K by MMJ Firm

Ebola.com Purchased For Over 200K By MMJ Firm

It’s probably a good thing that I’ve never heard or talked about the Ebola virus so much in my whole existence, and I hope not to talk about it much more once this craze passes. It’s in the news on a daily basis now with cases popping up all over three countries in West Africa, which in turn has created a huge health scare in the U.S. Even though other viruses like West Nile Virus  continue to take more lives overall, it is Ebola that is grabbing all the headlines. I believe it was Rahm Emanuel, current mayor of Chicago, who said something to the effect of "Never let a good crisis pass without capitalizing on it." Well, a niche domain vendor is certainly capitalizing on the current Ebola crisis by selling the URL for a little over 200k. 

Ebola.com was purchased by a Russian company that interestingly enough was in the restaurant wholesale business up until as recently as September of this year. Pulling a complete 180, the company has since changed its name from Ovation Research to Weed Growth Fund and a enacted new business strategy that is apparently focused on the cannabis industry. The domain name was purchased for $50,000 in currency and $164,000 in Cannabis Sativa Corp stock. Cannabis Sativa Corp's CEO former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has been in the news a lot lately for his claims that marijuana can be used to treat Ebola. I have checked the site out, surprisingly enough they already had a decent amount of Ebola and cannabis-related content for only being up and live for just a few days. Is this a partnership forged from goodwill and actual results, or an unholy alliance and a quick cash grab? Time will tell...