Experts Agree Vegas Will Be 'Atom Bomb' of Weed Tourism

Experts Agree Las Vegas Will Be the 'Atom Bomb' of Weed Tourism in America

Back in October, The Smoking Bud contributor Nico Enea penned “The Race to Vegas: A Value Investor’s Guide to the Cannabis Market.” On Tuesday, HuffPost Live spoke to the marijuana editor of The Denver Post, Ricardo Baca, who echoed Enea's foresight: Las Vegas is poised to become the “atom bomb” of marijuana legalization and tourism in the U.S.

Drawing comparisons between Amsterdam in its heyday of weed tourism and Nevada’s infamously liberal, lax laws regarding liquor, gambling, and prostitution, Baca envisions visitors to Sin City sitting in Bellagio suites, having weed delivered right to their door with the simple click of an app.

Las Vegas is already a huge cash cow, catering to appetites that are not so easily (or legally) fulfilled in other states. It’s clearly a logical, shared assumption that Nevada’s top spot for tourism will take the role of America’s Amsterdam to levels even backpackers in the Netherlands will have to respect.

Now all that remains to be seen is if legal weed in Vegas spikes a correlating increase in room service and on-demand movies.