First City-Run Pot Shop Opens in Washington

First City-Run Marijuana Shop Opens in Washington

A small Washington town opened the state’s first recreational marijuana store that’s both owned and operated by the local government, according to a Reuters report.

Located in North Bonneville, the Cannabis Corner sells a variety of marijuana products with all profits going back to the local community, city leaders say.

Since voters legalized marijuana in 2012, Washington now regulates its retail cannabis stores by the State Liquor Control Board under a heavily taxed and closely monitored system.

In addition to providing revenue for the community, the Cannabis Corner can also provide cheaper products since they’re exempt from federal taxes.

“Our costs are lower and our ability to provide cannabis at a lower cost is there,” said management consultant John Spencer in an interview with the Seattle Times.

Cannabis Corner management hopes they can form the blueprint for further government-run cannabis shops as legalization gains momentum throughout four states now and counting.

“It’s a really great solution for these small, rural communities that need to raise a little bit of revenue,” said Robyn Legun, general manager of Cannabis Corner. “I think it’s a really viable option for other towns and cities like this.”

Story by Oscar Pascual at Smell The Truth. Be sure to check out Smell The Truth for all the latest and greatest cannabis news.