Getting It Right with CannabisCare

Getting It Right with CannabisCare

Cannabis Care online dispensary has the solution for Canadian medical cannabis users who want to be informed: lab tested cannabis products, available Canada-wide.

“All CannabisCare edibles are potency Lab tested to guarantee the dosage and all flowers (bud), CBD oil concentrates, shatters, budders and tinctures offered are also Lab tested with a complete cannabinoid workup listed so you know exactly what you are consuming, thereby allowing for accurate dosing every time,” it says on the CannabisCare website.  

Imagine you are a new medical marijuana patient in Canada. You suffer from various ailments and you’ve done your research. You know cannabis helps you and is more effective than the pills you’ve been on for years. You have a basic idea of what you’re looking for; you may even know the names of some strains that help alleviate your symptoms and allow you to function as a somewhat normal human being.

But you’re not done. How do you know what you’re buying is what you need? Even in Canada medical marijuana is a relatively new industry and standards are just now being formed and regulated.

“The industry has been slow to standardize, and many products, when tested, have been shown not to contain the cannabinoid profile listed on their packaging,” said a spokesperson for Cannabis Care. “Unlike these companies, we triple test our products in an independent third party lab to ensure potency… and then we post these results online for everyone to see. We feel this makes all the difference. The new Canadian laws are just catching up to what we were already doing with testing. We’re ahead of the curve and intend to stay there.”

The key to dosing and getting the required effects from a product like cannabis is knowing exactly what it’s made of. How much THC does it have, how much CBD? And the key to knowing what’s in a product is testing.

Dosing is important to patients, no matter what medicine they are consuming. Using too much can be a waste of a valuable medicine, but using too little can be a waste as well since you don’t get the effects you need and paid for.

Add to this the fact that most patients are inexperienced with dosing with medical cannabis and you see just how important accurate testing is. Sick people don’t have time for trial and error when it comes to the right amount of medicine to take.

Further regulations were recently put in place when it comes to online dispensaries like CannabisCare. For instance, the city of Victoria, British Columbia enacted new zoning bylaws that are getting praise from the community. “Victoria’s new municipal cannabis regulations are some of the most progressive in the country, as they allow for dispensaries, edibles, mail order and delivery,” said Lisa Campbell who is the Founder of Green Market Toronto.

There is much still to be done when it comes to the Canadian medical marijuana industry, but patients shouldn’t have to wait for government regulators to get around to setting standards. Companies like CannabisCare are leading the way when it comes to testing and quality and they are setting a standard for others to follow.