Green CultureED Provides Affordable Online Training in Cannabis-Related Fields

Green CultureED Provides Affordable Online Training in Cannabis-Related Fields

Much like the now defunct Oaksterdam University formerly of Oakland, CA, a new cannabis-based institution of "higher" learning has been launched in Colorado and is now live and ready to pack your brain with all the cannabis knowledge it can handle. Green CulturED Cannabis College is a 100% web-based online school that covers the whole scope of the Cannabis Industry. The course options cover everything from picking the right strains, how to start a grow, and all the legal and common sense knowledge that should keep you and your cannabis safe, just to name a few. There is a wide range of topics and trades that are useful for beginning growers to advance their green-thumb skills. You can pick and choose individual classes or dive right in and take the course from start to finish. Classes are available anywhere and anytime as long as you have a device with internet connection, so learning is at your own pace and leisure, making for a low-stress college experience. With the highest-quality online education in mind, industry professionals and education technologists are always there to provide real time answers about real life questions. 

Courses available:

·       Medical Marijuana Aspects

·       Marijuana Growing

·       Chemistry and Concentrates

·       Cannabis Business

·       Law and Politics

·       Programs

·       Certifications

·       State Training

With cannabis being a billion dollar business and growing, schools like this will help those interested in becoming part of the cannabis industry get a leg up on the competition. All the classes are competitively priced, ranging in the $30-$100 range, well under what I paid and still owe on my college education. Damn you, student loans! And the only cannabis education I got was how to sneak a few tokes between classes.

Green CulturED offers a number of online programs as well:

·       Marijuana Water and Nutrients

·       Marijuana Lighting, Lamps, and Electricity Program

·       Marijuana Breeding Program

·       Marijuana Hash and Medicine Program

·       Marijuana Pests, Fungi, and Diseases Program

·       Marijuana Air Program

·       Marijuana Hydroponics Gardening Program

·       Soil and Containers Program

·       Outdoor Marijuana Program

·       Grow Room Design and Greenhouses Program

·       Harvesting Marijuana Program

·       Marijuana Vegetative Growth Program

·       Marijuana Seeds and Seedlings Program

·       Medical Marijuana Legalities Program

·       Cannabis Chemistry Program

The school offers a free course on "garden safety and security", which will help you get your feet wet and will also give you some idea of what you can expect to get from the course. I took the test myself. It involved a video lecture that clocked in at under 15 minutes followed by a series of questions, mostly common-sensical about what I had just watched. The whole experience was slightly akin to online traffic school, which unfortunately I have much experience at. Anyways, your man Chewy scored a whopping 100% on his initial test (the proof is above in the nifty completion certificate he received upon completion of the course and questions). He had such a positive experience with the Green CultureED online course that he has decided to go back to school and complete the entire course. That’s right folks, Chewy is going back to school!

FREE ONLINE COURSE - Marijuana Garden Safety and Security

by B-Dosia at TheNug