Hawaii Awards Dispensary Licenses; Woody Harrelson Doesn’t Make the Cut

Hawaii Awards Dispensary Licenses; Woody Harrelson Doesn’t Make the Cut

(Photo: Getty Images)

Back in February we told you about the state of Hawaii implementing new medical marijuana regulations and allowing for the first dispensaries to open in the state. Last week, the Hawaii Department of Health approved licenses for 8 dispensaries, but a company owned by a well-known celebrity didn’t make the final cut.

Simple Organic Living LLC, owned by actor and cannabis activist Woody Harrelson, was not awarded one of the coveted licenses. Woody was not the only owner to miss out; the 8 license applicants that were approved were from a group of over 60.

There is no word on why Harrelson’s company was denied a license, and we may never know. One thing is for sure though: Woody’s star power didn’t work in his favor as far as the licensing process went.

Hawaii’s new dispensary system will have many restrictions and regulations such as dispensaries not being allowed to sell rolling papers, edibles, vape pens, joints or any other paraphernalia that is deemed not to be for strictly medical use.

But as has been said before, something is better than nothing and at least now medical patients in Hawaii have more access to their medicine. It is a good foundation for activists in the state to build on; work must be done to loosen the restrictions on the dispensaries as well as allow for more dispensaries to be opened. The market should determine the supply of medical marijuana in Hawaii (and every other state), not some arbitrary number set by politicians.

As for Woody, I’m sure he will continue on his path of spreading the truth about the amazing cannabis plant and its healing powers. And maybe one day he will be a dispensary owner as well.