Investing in a Marijuana Delivery Service Could Be a Slippery Slope

Marijuana Delivery Service Investing can be a Slippery Slope

Marijuana delivery services are a thriving industry here in California. It is also one of the more popular canna-investments as of late with everyone from your average businessman to entertainment heavyweights trying to get a piece of the action.

Take a look at Weedmaps, WeedFinder, or any other cannabis industry directory and there are literally hundreds of marijuana delivery services in any given region vying for your business. A few like Eaze, Meadow, and Nugg have emerged from the pack due to major financial backing and cutting edge technology like mobile apps.

So the current investment atmosphere has been “get in now before the market makes the transition to recreational sales,” and wait for the big bucks to roll in. After all, this is the great California ‘Green Rush’ where everyone is a winner, right?

Well, not so fast, says Professor David Bell. “If it were my money, I wouldn’t be putting it into the Green Rush.”

Ball is a law professor at Santa Clara University in Northern California, and has done an abundance of policy work and cannabis research. He believes the hype surrounding these new cannabis startups is just that — hype. Bell believes if marijuana goes completely legal, a lot could change. Taxes and regulations to start with, and most importantly, Bell says, the overall price of cannabis will drastically plummet.

“I don’t think Eaze or other companies are necessarily going to be able to deliver on the promise of these gigantic profits because they are assuming Prohibition-era prices in a legalized market when those prices are going to fall dramatically,” Bell said.

But there’s a bigger problem with delivery. It’s been declared illegal in every place that has legalized recreational marijuana. Delivery is already banned in L.A., and it could be shut down throughout California.