The Marijuana Show is Shark Tank of the Cannabis Industry

The Marijuana Show is Shark Tank of the Cannabis Industry

The online series The Marijuana Show is exactly like Shark Tank… But with weed.

Hopeful entrepreneurs present their cannabusiness ideas to a panel of investors, who then weigh the pros and cons of each venture, offer coaching, and ultimately decide whether or not they’ll invest, then and there.

It’s appropriate that an industry with such a stunningly high growth rate would beget a show like this, especially since cannabis companies are not currently allowed on Shark Tank. While season one is currently only available online, its latest season (which boasts a much higher production quality) will hopefully be picked up by Netflix or a similar streaming service, according to its hosts.

Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull created, host, and produce The Marijuana Show. While they lack the power suits and slicked-back hair of the Sharks, their resumes are impressive, and they clearly know what they’re doing in the legal weed industry. Paull was an executive at Snapfish, which sold for $300 million in 2005, and Robbins invented the popular head-massager “The Tingler” that’s sold more than a million units.

This season will gain some hype, featuring participation from celebrity entrepreneur Russell Simmons. Hopeful inventors will present everything from CBD dog treats to grow pesticides to cannabis-infused bitters.

Watch season one online now, and we’ll keep you posted on where season two turns up. I’m certainly curious if I need to be on the lookout for weed doggie treats sponsored by Russell Simmons.