New App Can Tell If You're Too High to Drive

New App Can Tell If You're Too High to Drive

With the ever-expanding market of legalized marijuana has inevitably come concerns for the safety of the public, in particular, those who are behind the wheel.  Testing and breathalyzing for alcohol is much easier than for THC, yet there have been a host of scientists and students alike who have put forth an effort to come up with a way to aid law enforcement in this spectrum.

Although a foolproof method for law enforcement to determine sobriety with regards to THC consumption still hangs in limbo, Marc Silverman and Lenny Frieling have developed a pretty solid self-test method via their app, Canary.

Canary tests its user in four different categories:  memory, attention, balance, and time awareness. The first thing you do after downloading the Canary app is to take the four tests sober, in order to establish a baseline.

The memory test involves the user watching a series of swirling numbers on their iPhone screen, and then having to recall the order in which the numbers were shown. To test the user’s attention, they are shown a symbol, and then asked to tap the symbol on the screen every time it appears. Balance is measured by standing on one leg with your arms crossed, while the app times how long you stayed steady.  Finally, the app asks you to count 20 seconds out loud, and compares that to an actual 20-second time lapse to test time awareness.

Silverman and Frieling self-funded the Canary app, because, according to Silverman, “Taking other people’s money means you have other masters. If I want to focus on distribution and they want to focus on profit — that’s a problem.”

Currently, the Canary app is available to download on the iPhone for $2.99.