New West Summit in SF Is First of Its Kind

New West Summit in SF is First of Its Kind

California has long been at the forefront of marijuana reform. San Francisco has accepted marijuana use, in some form or another, for quite a while. It should be no surprise then that a city known for both being a major axis of Silicon Valley and its marijuana accessibility is hosting "the first conference to focus exclusively on the game-changing, disruptive developments in technology, investment and media within the cannabis space." The New West Summit will occur over the next two days, hosting more than 30 exhibitors, 50 speakers, and 1,000 cool folks in attendance; tickets are still available.

What do you get for a ticket price that rivals the cost of an ounce of top-grade ganj? A hell of a lot, in fact. Steve DeAngelo, owner of three huge companies in the cannabis industry — Harborside Health Centers, Steep Hill Lab and The ArcView Group — and author of the new best-seller The Cannabis Mannifesto, will open the conference as the keynote speaker on a panel dubbed Forecasting U.S. Legalization 2016. DeAngelo is a renowned entrepreneur and activist of marijuana reform — a champion of legalization for decades, hailed as "the gatekeeper" and "father of the legal cannabis industry."

By the way, Willie Brown, San Francisco's 41st mayor, wrote the foreword of Steve's book. Plus, the guy has rad hair — high entertainment that is incredibly informative. 

DeAngelo's media and management consultant, Gaynell Rogers, will join the panel on Cannabis Editorial Trends. Before starting with DeAngelo, Rogers proved herself working alongside the likes of Pixar, Lucasfilm, Dupont and more as part of their marketing and media relations since the ’70s. Her articles have also graced the covers of the New York Times and Fortune Magazine in addition to contributing dozens of stories to the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco ChronicleHuffington Post, and Washington Post. If that fails to impress, this badass lady is also a two-time cancer survivor.

Those two are just the tip of the iceberg. Other highlights include an announcement for Tommy Chong's new brand of cannabis products, a Lifetime Achievement Honor for Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana founder Lynette Shaw, and a collaboration between award-winning dispensary SPARC and Upper Playground.