North Pole Votes to Allow Dispensaries & Merry Christmas to All!

North Pole Could Have Its Own Dispensary Next Year & Merry Christmas to All!

The Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska.

Residents of North Pole, Alaska, can put marijuana on next year’s Christmas list! (Toy production slows considerably.)

The North Pole City Council voted to reject a measure Monday that would ban marijuana dispensaries in the cheery town. Alaska legalized recreational marijuana in November, and legal sales will begin next year.

Other Alaskan towns are considering similar measures, including Sarah Palin’s hometown, which decided to ban future dispensaries — but they didn’t have Santa Claus.

No, but seriously, a guy legally named Santa Claus testified in favor of selling weed in his quaint, Christmas-themed town where the street lights are shaped like candy canes and people don’t think a grown man legally changing his name to Santa Claus is creepy.

Mr. Claus is a medical marijuana patient, and argued the benefits of being able to buy weed in town instead of driving over to Fairbanks. (Please, I think we can agree the reindeer do all the work.)

Those in support of the ban mentioned concern that the town may be perceived unfavorably if a dispensary were to open. Thankfully, the council acknowledged that alcohol, cigarettes, and guns were already sold there. And let’s be honest, a little trip to the town pot shop will make visiting much more entertaining.