OregonLive Claims Corrupt THC Testing in Edibles

OregonLive Claims Corrupt THC Testing in Its State

(Image: OregonLive)

Ever since journalist Maureen Dowd ate AN ENTIRE THC-laced candy bar and then spent the subsequent 8 hours lying on her hotel bed convinced she was dying, the testing and regulation of edibles has been a hot topic. Recently, OregonLive conducted an independent investigation regarding the potency of the marijuana edibles in their state. Their results were very different from those of the state-monitored laboratories.

“Even when staffed by experienced scientists, Oregon labs produce wildly inconsistent potency results, leaving patients with no idea of what they actually are consuming regardless of the labeling,” OregonLive asserts. “What’s more, when it comes to marketing medical marijuana, potency sells, creating pressure to churn out impressive results as labs compete for lucrative contracts with producers, some of whom spend thousands of dollars a month on potency and pesticide testing.”

Those are some heavy allegations, OregonLive.

They also had a few concerns regarding the recreational roll out in 2016.

“The Oregonian/OregonLive found inconsistent and confusing packaging of edible products. Only four had expiration dates. Eight offered no warning about the product’s potency or delayed effects, both key issues when it comes to consuming marijuana-infused foods. Oregon’s lack of oversight of medical marijuana labs has implications for consumer safety when the recreational cannabis market begins to roll out in 2016.”

Whatever the issues may be, legal marijuana is working through the kinks and unforeseen problems very quickly. It was just a little while ago when there was absolutely no information on edible packaging. We are sure that the science of testing will be exact in no time.


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