Rapper The Game Invests in California Marijuana Dispensary

Rapper The Game Invests in California Marijuana Dispensary

Los Angles-based rapper and Instagram tease The Game is officially the most recent celebrity to invest in cannabusiness. The Game joins musicians like Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Wiz Khalifa in embracing this multi-billion dollar industry by investing in a Santa Ana dispensary called The Reserve.

When asked about his new involvement with this dispensary, The Game said that he “finally has a platform to legally cultivate and sell a plant that saves lives and is changing our world in a positive way.” He went on to say, “I felt a responsibility to my family and the rest of the cannabis community to do this the right way,”

Some of you may already know about The Game’s involvement with G FarmaBrands, a company that’s helping him create his own strain and infuse it in various products, which The Reserve will carry. Thus far, The Game and G FarmaBrands are working on G Stiks and G Drinks. G Stiks are, essentially, joints, and G Drinks are infused lemonades that come in original, pink, and strawberry flavor.

Right now this is all that’s known about The Game’s involvement with The Reserve. We will continue to keep you updated on his progress, as well as any other celebrity marijuana news.

Source: http://www.stonedgirls.com/game-invests-california-dispensary/