Singer/Songwriter Melissa Etheridge Launches Etheridge Farms Marijuana Products

Singer/Songwriter Melissa Etheridge Launches Etheridge Farms Marijuana Products

Famous musician and well-known medical marijuana patient Melissa Etheridge is putting her money where her heart is and launching a line of cannabis products under the brand name “Etheridge Farms.”

"I'm right in the process of branding," Etheridge told Billboard. "There's a balm that's so good for muscles and arthritis. I have my own smoke, some edibles and some cartridges. I'm really just entering the market with what I've learned in the last 10 years about cannabis in wanting to bring a product to America that is focused on health and on wellness and how important this plant is and used to be in our medicinal system. Seventy years ago it was on pharmacy shelves, now it's time to get back to that; to understand plant medicine.”

Etheridge joins a lengthening line of celebrities who are getting into the legal cannabis industry, including Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg. These celebs are filling the void left by a relative lack of well-known brands in a market that’s still in its infancy.

The products of Etheridge Farms will soon be in medical marijuana dispensaries in California. Beyond that, the sky is the limit in an industry that is just getting started. One day we may look at people like Snoop Dogg and Melissa Etheridge the same way we do the CEO of Procter and Gamble or Johnson & Johnson; as titans of industry.

Celebrity brands are important for consumers as well; they give new legal consumers a place to start, a foundation for their future shopping, if you will. And celebrities have every reason to put out quality products; their names and their credibility are on the line.

It’s a win-win situation for an industry with unlimited potential.