Snoop Dogg Launches New Cannabis Brand "Leafs by Snoop"

Snoop Dogg Launches New Cannabis Brand

Many people wonder how a gangsta rapper like Snoop Dogg has managed to stay relevant after all these years while many others have fallen out of public view. The key is his business savvy combined with an incomparable ability to self-promote.

A well-known chronic chronic smoker, Snoop has naturally taken these abilities to the cannabis industry, recently launching what is being called the first mainstream cannabis brand: Leafs by Snoop.

Not only is Snoop bringing eight different strains of flower to the market — where such things are legal, of course — but he also has a line of edibles and concentrates. Snoop is poised to become the Procter & Gamble of the cannabis industry, although Willie Nelson, the Marley family, and Rihanna can all lay claim to the title of "first mainstream cannabis brand," depending on what your definition of "mainstream" is. 

And no one can accuse Snoop of being some rich carpetbagger who is just using his celebrity to make money off of stoners. The argument can be made that no one has done more to bring cannabis into the mainstream than Snoop Dogg. He is synonymous with smoking blunts. When you see him on TV, you assume he’s stoned — and that’s because he is.

Smartly packaged, Leafs by Snoop will be available in Colorado for now and will become available in other legal states after a 30-day exclusive run with LivWell cannabis shops.

If you want to see the future of legal cannabis, check out the promotional video below. Some will whine about big celebrity investors, etc., but you can’t honestly say that glossy videos aren’t better than the mental picture of some shady, back-alley guy selling dime bags to passersby.

Going into a store and buying branded cannabis the same way you would by Charmin toilet paper or Drano drain cleaner will take some getting used to. Even the clinical prescription containers so common in medical dispensaries across the country can’t hold a candle to a brightly colored package with “Leafs by Snoop” emblazoned across it.