Stoner Santa Window Art Causes Anger and an Investigation

Stoner Santa Window Art Causes Anger and an Investigation

“Santa’s smiling, alright, but he’s also holding a water-pipe!”

CALL THE ELVES WITH ATTITUDE! Santa has gone rogue.

Local news and San Pedro citizens were up in arms over window paintings of Santa smoking a joint that appeared at the Harbor House of Dank Dispensary’s last week. Also present was “a snowman posing with a pill bottle” according to the local news report (though I think we know the prescription bottle was just filled with more weed).

A concerned citizen posted photos of the window to the city’s Facebook page and hundreds of angry comments came pouring in. The Harbor House of Dank scraped off the images and said they had no idea people would be so offended.

The public outcry has prompted the City Attorney’s Office and LAPD to investigate whether the Harbor House of Dank is operating illegally. I hope the books are in order.

I see why people are pissed—Santa is a symbol for children, and what parent wants to explain why Saint Nick has a smoking caterpillar in his mouth? I also see why it’d be easy for a dispensary who chose the name “Harbor House of Dank” to forget that while some of their customers (and maybe people writing articles for weed news websites) might find the images amusing, but putting a blunt in the nation’s most beloved (spoiler alert) fictional children’s character might not be the best PR move.