We Know How Much You Probably Spend on Weed Each Year

Here's How Much You Probably Spend on Weed Each Year

(High Times)

A recent study by Headset Inc., a cannabis intelligence firm, concluded that the average marijuana consumer (at least in states where it’s recreationally legal) spends roughly $647 annually on weed.

The survey involved about 40,000 legal marijuana purchases made in Washington State from September 2014 to July 2016.  On top of that, Headset Inc., which is based out of Seattle, found that the average recreational marijuana consumer is a 37 year old man who buys flower.  Also, he averages 19.5 days between his purchases.

This is surprising to many people, as it is generally assumed that millennials are the biggest potheads.  Well, that’s not exactly wrong, but it’s not exactly right either.  About fifty percent of recreational marijuana users are between the ages of 21 and 34, and these customers spent a median of $27 per visit to a legal dispensary.  However, this generation does make more trips to the pot shop, about once every 16 days.  Kind of like how we all know we do at the gas station:  Some of us fill up all the way, and some of us put in just enough to get to work that day.

While older generations are less likely to visit a legal dispensary (less than ten percent are over the age of 60), they do spend way more when they go.  Cannabis connoisseurs in their forties spent $823 a year!

As far as what people are purchasing is concerned, shockingly the most common medium of cannabis across all generations is flower.  This is followed by pre-rolled joints, vape pens, and then edibles.

The one aspect of legal weed purchases the study didn’t touch, however, is how much bud people are actually purchasing in weight.  I suppose one can infer based on spend amounts, but who wants to do all that math?

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