Whole Foods Market Open to Carrying Cannabis-Infused Products

Whole Foods Market Open to Carrying Cannabis-Infused Products

Taking a stroll down the organic cannabis section of your local Whole Foods Market not only sounds awesome, but may not be too far off.

Having witnessed the successful implementation of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington last year, the popular supermarket chain will not rule out a cannabis section in their stores. The revenue from recreational marijuana accumulated by those two states alone topped $370 million. Those numbers are hard to ignore for any business looking to expand into new markets. Whole Foods is a brand known for its "green" conscious business model, which would make a marriage between the two seem ever so fitting.

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey seems more than open to the idea, saying he “could definitely see a gourmet cannabis section at Whole Foods."

In the future when you drop your hard-earned $80 for those six items, you could be getting a bit more bang for your buck.

No matter your opinion on cannabis becoming more mainstream, it’s pretty much the same as selling cigarettes, prescription drugs, and alcohol alongside foodstuffs. In this day and age, why shouldn't cannabis products have their own aisle?  Or at the very least, a little shelf space.