Willie Nelson Drops Marijuana Branding Knowledge on GQ Magazine

Willie Nelson Drops Marijuana Branding Knowledge on GQ Magazine

Outlaw country’s elder statesman, Willie Nelson, is playing coy about his much-anticipated cannabis brand Willie Nelson’s Reserve.

When GQ Magazine asked him about the specific tastes and preferences of an American cannabis connoisseur, Nelson demurs in an interview published Monday.

“There’s only two kinds ,” Willie tells GQ. “It’s like sex — it’s all good, but some’s better.”

Does he have any favorites?


“Oh, wherever I am there are favorites. You know, you got your Maui Wowie, you got your Humboldt County in California, and you got the purple, you know, uh, in Florida…lot of different places that have their own brand that’s from the area. The growers and the farmers around can tell you what grows best in their area.”

“I think it all depends on the individual,” he says, “and I’ve been smoking weed a long time and I’ve got a great tolerance for it, so whatever I say about it won’t necessarily be the same thing that someone else would say, so I’m not really the best guy to ask about those things.”

Nelson’s ethos will be infused into the packaging and marketing, more than determining specific pot choices, GQ reports.

The 82 year-old legend — who smoked on the roof of the White House with President Carter’s son, Chip — is definitely calling for the strong stuff. One of Nelson’s colleagues reminds him of his pot specifications during the interview.

“You want ‘the sh*t that killed Elvis’, is what you said.”

“Willie grins, glad to have been reminded. ‘That’s what I’m looking for.'”

Story by David Downs at Smell The Truth. Check out Smell the Truth for all the latest cannabis news and features.