You Might Be Surprised Who Is Making Money Off Legal Weed

You Might Be Surprised Who Is Making Money Off Legal Weed

There is obviously a lot of money to be made off of legal weed (*ahem* $30 billion), and a lot of us picture giant grow houses and weed fields when we think about all that dough. There are, however, a lot of unsuspecting people making a pretty penny off of legalization.

Troy Dayton, CEO of ArcView Group, a cannabis-focused investment and research firm, had this to say about the monetary opportunities in this burgeoning industry: “Most people who are getting in won’t be marijuana growers or processors. That requires a very specific skill set. It’s like with the Gold Rush. It’s a great time to be selling picks and shovels, instead.”

For example, all of the people who bought weird domain names – you know, when the internet became a thing – can sell or market their domains for a lot of money now., a seeming innocuous and irrelevant domain name up until late, is now being marketed by Online Marijuana Design, a cannabis branding firm, as a site for stock photos of weed, according to CNN.

And what about that pesky weed odor you want to get rid of when unsavory company comes around?

Wisconsin based Vaportek creates home dry-vapor systems for individual use, as well as industrial-sized odor eliminators for large grow facilities. The company started by manufacturing machines to eliminate smells from hospitals.

Kathleen Sullivan, who launched Forever Green Indoors with her brother Kevin in 2013, originally sold energy-efficient lighting options for businesses. Now, they sell LED lighting panels for grow houses.

The point is, there are a lot of options regarding making Scrooge McDuck-style money in the cannabis industry, and it doesn’t have to require you holding a pair of shears to the plant all day.