Bubbleberry Strain Review

Bubbleberry Strain Review

Name: Bubbleberry

Type: Hybrid (sativa dominant)

Genetics: Bubblegum x Blueberry


Bubbleberry is born of two highly respected and legendary strains: Bubblegum and Blueberry. Both have received numerous awards over the past years, and the pair makes for some of the best lineage in cannabis history.

Originally conceived in 1996, Bubbleberry is excellent hybrid strain, leaning slightly to the sativa side of the cannabis equation. Unlike most hybrids these days where names are just pulled out of the air, you can actually trace the origin of this strain by simply breaking the name down. Bubbleberry is simply a merging of the parent strain names, Bubblegum and Blueberry. Moreover, Bubbleberry has managed to coax out and merge many of the two strains’ favorable characteristics.

The Bubbleberry variety owes its uniform growth pattern, immense size, thick sturdy stem, and sticky resinous buds to the mother Bubblegum plant. The Blueberry father passed down the slight purple hues the plant attains at times and helped to build a more complex flavor profile than just the Bubblegum was able to provide.

Looks and Smell

The Bubbleberry strain tends to grow large cola buds, somewhat similar to how Sour Diesel grows. The nugs themselves are sativa-like in structure, grow bigger than most other strains, and are denser than most sativa-leaning strains, but there is still a lot of sponginess and give to the buds. Although the leaves generally attain purple hues in the finishing stages, these beautiful purple pigments are superficial and rarely make it down to the buds themselves. The coloration tends to be more on the neon green side of the color spectrum, and the numerous hairs can be anywhere from brick red to bright orange.

The smell of this strain is intoxicating—the perfect combination of terp profiles. At first, the smell is very pungent and skunky, almost overpowering, filling the entire room with its cannabis stench almost instantly. After the initial smell hits you, and you some time to adjust to it; like your eyes to a newly darkened room, you will eventually become aware of berry and even slight citrus notes.

The Smoke

The taste experience from the Bubbleberry strain is very similar to the smell profile. Once smoked or vaped, the flavor builds on these same themes and notes of skunk, berry, and citrus, all culminating in a sweetness that remains on the lips for some time. Even after all these years, many regard Bubbleberry as one of the best highs on the market. The effects from this strain are a great balance of Blueberry’s indica-rich heavy body properties and the heady effects the sativa-dominant Bubblegum mother adds. This hybrid mix gives off a great mellowing effect, followed by an immense head buzz that will keep you productive for the foreseeable future. The whole experience was easy and carefree—there’s no real need to worry about couch lock when you’re dealing with the Bubbleberry strain. Probably the only noticeable drawback to this strain (for me anyways) was that the high seemed short, just 90 minutes to two hours compared to other stains I've recently dealt with.


4/5 Nugs

Favored by all types of growers from experienced to novice, Bubbleberry rewards those who cultivate it with a consistently gorgeous and generous yield. The strain provides huge cola buds and thrives in almost any environment. Another characteristic of this great strain is that it is highly resilient to spider mites. I have seen the THC content in this strain range anywhere from 15%-20%, but it’s probably closer to somewhere in the middle on average.

The Bubbleberry strain has been found useful in treating depression, migraines, insomnia, appetite issues, and chronic pain. This is another one of those strains I first encountered years ago that left an indelible impression on me. Although not available at every dispensary I've been to, this strain has been a California staple for years, and if you look hard enough, it's really not that difficult to find. If you like sativa-leaning hybrids or hybrids in general, then this is the strain for you. All in all, this is a great all-around, low maintenance strain that produces a great yield with a quality rarely attained in most strains.

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