How to Properly Cure Your Cannabis

How to Properly Cure Your Cannabis

It's the end of the harvest, the plants are dried, cut, and trimmed. Don't stop all your hard work just yet. There is one final step to the process called curing. Curing your buds at the end of harvest will make for a more desirable product and better overall taste when smoking. 

I have heard some people use brown paper bags to begin the curing process, yet if your buds are already dry, this may pull out that last remaining moisture you do want in the nug, causing it to become dried out and unusable. Jars I have found make wonderful containers for the curing process.  

When curing in jars, there are a few things to remember. You want to keep an eye on them every day and check for mold or rot. By opening the jar and pulling out the product, you clear out the jar of any humidity or excess moisture. The jar should be roughly 2/3 full with the lid on loosely to let some air in. The air aids in the curing process by helping the natural breakdown of sugars and chlorophyll in the buds. Less sugars in the buds allows for a smoother smoke and reduces and green bud taste.

Stay away from plastic grocery bags. Bags promote mold and mildew. Also white bags contain bleach residue that will cause your buds to have a harsh toxic taste.