How to Rid Your Cannabis Plants of Broad Mites

How to Rid Your Cannabis Plants of Broad Mites

There is talk out there of the dreaded Broad Mite, and this nasty pest is like none we've ever seen. Extremely resilient and small in size, this mischievous mite is almost microscopic and at the nymph stage actually lives inside your plant, thus leaving us helpless with external organic remedies of rosemary oil or garlic. These work for other peskies, but not these bad boys. Let's learn a little about the broad mite and see about methods of eradication.

To give you a size comparison, these are broad mites that have attached themselves to a whitefly. As we know, whiteflies can be bothersome to our process as well, yet are much easier to get rid of. As you can probably guess, this is the way the broad mites have been hitching rides straight into your garden.

Tip: Be preventative in the early stages of flower development with organic sprays and bombs. The best defense is always a good offense, so catch it before it happens. 

Taking expert advice from THE JOKER at forum, I've learned the reason these particular pests are the hardest to get rid of. 

"Broad mite nymphs live INSIDE the plants. You need a product that will penetrate the plant and kill the insects inside the plant as well as adults and eggs. There is no one product that does all that so you rotate the ones that do. In addition if you only use one product, not only will you not eradicate every stage of the insects life, but they will quickly become resistant."

Now let's see how many chemicals we have to buy to get these suckers gone...

Please note: We highly suggest using a full Haz-Mat suit, thick gloves, and respirator when using these harsh chemicals.

Apply each brand for one full week then discontinue.

Avid Insecticide

Akari Miticide/Insecticide

Forbid Insecticide

Tripple Action Neem Oil

OG Biowar Insecticide

I know the idea of putting all these chemicals on and through your plant's system seems ridiculous, but if you follow the directions on dosage and ratios, the plants can handle it. It's the process of having to switch brands of insecticide that makes you begin to realize just how crazy resilient these little pests are.

One full week with each, then alternate to the next brand, never returning to a previous bottle. After your 5-week push of chemicals, you still have enough time to flush and/or wash the plant of any excess chemicals and toxins. On another fact from THE JOKER: "The most toxic chemicals break down when exposed to enzymes and bacteria found in soil." Good to know!

The damaging effects of broad mites can be seen here--the plant becomes droopy and unfirm at the stock and stems, the leaves curl downward and may turn a yellowish/copper or purplish color. Bud sights or nodes begin to diminish as the plant goes into survival mode. The infestation then continues to the inside of the plant as the life cycles of the broad mites progress.