OG Kush Strain Review

OG Kush Strain Review

Name: OG Kush

Type: Hybrid (indica dominant)

Genetics: Chemdawg x (Lemon Thai x Old World Paki Kush)


As is the case with most Original Gangsters, not many people know much about the strain OG Kush—just that they love the stuff. An indica-dominant hybrid, OG Kush is the New York Yankees of weed. Prices are high, but when they come to town, you just can't pass it up. Originating in Southern California, the OG is still extremely popular in the southern parts of California and neighboring states. Wonder how it got there?

History of OG Kush

Looks and Smell

There are many fake OG's out there. A true OG is a small, dense flower with very little stem. An earthy, green bud with orange hairs and amber trichromes throughout, OG Kush also gives off that deep pine smell which captivates the nostrils and might lead to you getting high just by smelling it.

Growing the Plant

Flower time on an OG Kush grow usually lasts 7-8 weeks. The flower extends a lot while in the vegetation state, but comes back to its compact state during flowering. Grow as you please, the OG is known to be a tough strain to deal with for beginner growers, but the value of a good OG Kush is too much to balk at the low yields of the strain.

The Smoke

It had been a while for me since I last tried a true OG, so I was kind of antsy to put this one in the air. The potency was almost immediately noticeable. In fact, this was easily in the top three most potent strains I'ev ever tried. The earthiness I smelled when breaking up the buds transferred into that exact taste I imagined, with an almost lemon aftertaste. The blunt put me on a couch for two hours watching reruns of Ridiculousness on MTV. Not a terrible thing, but not extremely productive. If you have the chance to get your hands on some OG Kush, DO NOT PASS IT UP!


5/5 Nugs

OG Kush is just that old cat who is still fly as a motherf***er—a true OG. Definitely one of my all time favorites, and I am really looking forward to getting my hands on some more. 5 out of 5 Nugs for sure! Thanks for reading, and be on the lookout for the next strain reviews. If there are any specific strains you guys want reviewed, leave them in the comments!

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