Platinum Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review

Strain: Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

Dispensary: 24/7 Strong Supply

Aroma: 3.25/5

Taste: 2.75/5

Potency: 3.25/5

Effect: 3.75/5

Overall: 3.25/5

Aroma: This has a really mild aroma and might be good for someone looking for something less pungent. The most perceptible smell is of pine with a slight sense of sweetness.

Taste: This smoke has a mild to medium burn and little to no taste. This leads me to believe this plant may not have been flushed for long enough. Poor flavor but not awful.

Potency: Not a lot of kick, just okay. Decent potency, might be better for someone looking for something not quite as intense.

Effect: The effect was nice but mostly mild. A really clearheaded sativa with uplifting effects.

Overall: This is a mostly mild strain that I would consider to be a low mid-shelf quality. The aroma and taste leave this strain somewhat lacking on score. This would be a good strain wanting to medicate during the day and be left highly functioning.

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