Sour Diesel Strain Review

Sour Diesel Strain Review

Form: Flower

Strain: Sour Diesel, Sativa: 80/20

Grower: Deep Roots Harvest

Dispensary: Essence Vegas

Appears: 4        Euphoria: Med        
Aroma: 4        Relaxed: Low        
‪‎Taste: 2        Uplifted: High
‪‎        Potency: 3.5        Creative: Med
‪‎        Effect: 4.5        Happiness: Med        
Duration: 3.5        Munchies: None
        Price: 4.5        Dry Eyes: Low
        Dry Mouth: Low        Anxiousness: None        Overall: 26/35 


THC – 17.42%

CBD – 0.03%

B-Caryophyllene: – 2.15 mg/g

Limonene –  1.9 mg/g

Appearance – I have never heard of Sour Diesel being purple. This would probably get a 4.5 on appearance if the purple was not present. With that said, the appearance is really nice with tightly packed crystals. There are zero amber trichomes and an even mix of clear and milky heads.

Aroma – Aroma is really nice but does not have the traditional “diesel” smell that Sour Diesel is known for. I detect a faint sour smell but sweet citrus is the dominant smell for this batch coming from Deep Roots. This would probably get a 4.5 on aroma, but the lack of Diesel smell gets downgraded for not being more apparent.

Taste – I was underwhelmed by the taste and flavor of this Sour D. The flavor and smoke were not smooth, with a medium burn. The flavor is of pepper and citrus.

Potency – Potency is really nice, will definitely lift you up without shooting you past the clouds into the atmosphere.

Effect – Don’t let the 80/20 sativa score scare you, this isn’t racey by any means. This is a nice uplifted and clear heady high. This is especially nice when this strain does not induce any feelings of anxiety.

Duration – Standard 1.5-2.0 hours

Price – This was $30 on special, which is a tough price to beat for a chronic 1/8th!

Overall –  Really nice high with a uplifting and positive outlook. This is the kind of medicine that’s going to make you feel right as rain. Somehow is uplifting yet still relaxing. There’s zero anxiety, just a nice lifted, clear, heady high.

The good – Appearance.

The bad – Taste, which was not pleasant.

The amazing – The effect! Really high functioning.

Final score: B

Final comment – One of the problems with the legal weed market is there is no “standard” to what makes a Sour Diesel a Sour Diesel. The effect for this batch was really nice, and I am not saying that this didn’t come from Sour Diesel genetics, but the phenotypes did not manifest for what I know to be Sour Diesel.

Good for – Daytime medicating, Hiking/Being outdoors, Depression, Motivation, Creativity.