Is White Widow the Best Strain of All Time?

Is White Widow the Best Strain of All Time?

New cannabis strains pop up each year, inundating the marketplace with experimental cross breeding and even crazier names, but one strain remains at the top of “Best Strain” rankings through the decades: White Widow.

The mother of the “White Family”, White Widow gets its name from its massive colas and leaves covered in white crystal trichromes. Its 60% indica/40% sativa genetics come from its parents, Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica, and it is credited with both an indicia-dominant and sativa-dominant phenotype. This perfect combination accounts for White Widow’s unbeatable high.

White Widow is the go-to strain for good vibes. The sociable, cerebral high you’d associate with a sativa-dominant strain is rounded out by the indica-induced body buzz that relaxes and reduces any physical stress or pain. These qualities make it a favorite for both medical and recreational smokers and have cemented its place in nearly every Amsterdam coffeeshop since it first came on the scene in 1995.

While no one knows exactly who is responsible for the creation of White Widow, it originally gained fame in Amsterdam, winning the 1995 Cannabis Cup and many more after it. The archetype of crystal production, its trichrome-covered colas give it an unbeatable, angelic look, as the entire plant is dusted in white—and don’t forget the unbeatable high.

Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single cannabis enthusiast who hasn’t enjoyed the perfection of White Widow, in part thanks to how easy it is to grow with some quality White Widow seeds.

While White Widow flourishes indoors, it more than holds its own in outdoor grows as well. The strain is self sufficient and forgiving of errors, making it perfect for the beginner and allows for the experienced grower to keep busy with more demanding strains.

White Widow plants rarely grow higher than 1 meter indoors and have a long flowering period of 8-10 weeks. An indoor grower using soil can expect a yield of 400-500g/m² per plant. Add a hydro system and you can even expect a harvest of 600g/m² or more.

In an outdoor grow, White Widow is best harvested at the end of September, though can sometimes flower until mid-October. When grown outside, White Widow plants can reach up to 2 meters and yield 800-900g/m² per plant. And don’t forget, it’s perfectly suited for cuttings.

White Widow’s cemented spot in cannabis history and continued popularity in the face of countless new strains proves what any aficionado can tell you: White Widow is the greatest strain for both growing and smoking.