Epileptics Migrate to Medical Marijuana States

Charlotte Figi, Medical Marijuana Patient

Charlotte Figi treats childhood epilepsy with no-high cannabis extracts

Some parents with epileptic children are packing up and moving to states that will allow their kids to use medical cannabis, The Gazette reports.
The moves come after families saw the amazing stories of Charlotte Figi and Zaki Jackson, two Colorado kids with severe epilepsy. Both of them are being treated with Cannabidiol, or CBD, a non-psychoative compound found in the cannabis plant.
“As soon as we saw it, we knew we had to go,” said Mohammad Halabi, a New York City father who recently moved to Colorado with his epileptic daughter Mia after seeing the reports. The paper reports at least 18 families haved moved to the state in the last few months to sign their kids up for the state’s medical cannabis program.
For centuries, pot has been bred for it’s psychoactive high, but with continued research on the medical benefits of marijuana and the advent of cost-effective cannabis testing, many growers are selecting the opposite sort of strains. Growers in Colorado spent two years developing a high-CBD strain of cannabis, which they named Charlotte’s Web after the young patient. Scientists in Israel are breeding similar no-high pot plants.
Earlier this month, the state of Colorado released numbers that showed medical cannabis authorizations for children had increased dramatically, from 35 to 60.