American Medical Association Opposes Legal Pot, Calls Prohibition Ineffective

American Medical Association Opposes Legal Pot, But Calls Prohibition Innefective

The American Medical Association voted Tuesday to continue its opposition to legal cannabis, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Furthermore, the AMA's House of Delegates removed a longstanding plank in the group's platform calling for American states to reduce pot penalties. Apparently we've reduced penalties for marijuana to the point where the government—responsible for 750,000 annual cannabis arrests—should no longer consider ending the war on pot.

The news is not all bad, to be fair. The group adopted policy language calling federal drug laws "ineffective" and calling for legal changes that treat cannabis as a public health issue rather than one that could result in arrest and incarceration. Delegates also removed language suggesting pot possession should remain a crime, while continuing to support arrest for those who grow the forbidden flower.