Beer Really Hates How Pot is Healthier

Beer Really Hates How Pot is Healthier

Alcohol lobbyists are mighty salty about the recent pro-pot ads launched in Portland, Maine, according to a report from the National Journal.

The ads paid for by the Marijuana Policy Project contend that marijuana is a much safer alternative to drinking.

"We believe it's misleading to compare marijuana to beer," said Chris Thorne of the Beer Institute. "Beer is distinctly different both as a product and an industry."

The MPP's Mason Tvert diasgrees.

"That's like saying we shouldn't talk about relative harms of sushi to fried chicken," said Tvert, who also wrote a book called Marijuana is Safer: So Why are We Driving People to Drink? "It's important that people know the relative harms of all substances, so there's no reason not to talk about the two most popular substances in the world."