Cannabis Users Have Lower BMIs, Less Likely to Get Diabetes

Study Shows Cannabis Users Weigh Less, Less Likely to Get Diabetes

Looking to lose a little weight? Marijuana may be the way.

A study conducted at Quebec University found direct correlation between marijuana use and lower body mass index. Researchers examined a group of 786 Inuit adults age 18-74 over the course of a year and found that the group with the lowest BMI was marijuana users who had never used tobacco or had quit smoking. They also found that marijuana users had a smaller risk of contracting diabetes.

“In this large cross-sectional adult survey with high prevalence of both substance use and obesity, cannabis use in the past year was associated with lower BMI, lower percentage fat mass, lower fasting insulin, and insulin resistance,” the study said. “The inverse association observed in our work supports evidence from a larger proportion of previous cross-sectional and follow-up investigations… As a result, cannabinoids from cannabis may be viewed as an interesting avenue for research on obesity and associated conditions.”

Well, this throws a wrench in the stoner stereotype of slamming Doritos and Jack in the Box on the couch.