Colombia Set to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Colombia Set to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos will soon sign a decree that will legalize the therapeutic use of cannabis in the country. The new law will not allow any recreational possession, growing or selling, but may allow some sick people in Colombia to find relief. The law will also allow scientific research of the cannabis plant.

Justice Minister Yesid Reyes was adamant about there being no move toward recreational legalization, such as what happened in Uruguay in 2013.

“Nobody is talking about legalizing anything except for these two purposes (medical and research),” he said.

Other provisions of the law would allow medical marijuana products made in Colombia to be exported to other countries where such products are legal.

Some older folks (or younger Narcos fans) may remember when Colombia was known as the home of cocaine kingpins like Pablo Escobar. Of course Escobar ruled when the War on Drugs was at its zenith. Before cocaine, Colombia exported a lot of marijuana. Now they may help lead the way when it comes to medical cannabis and cannabis research in South America.

More and more, the countries that once fought the drug war at the behest and urging of the United States are changing course, much like the U.S. itself. The medical abilities of cannabis are now known worldwide and are becoming more widespread every day. From Canada to Columbia to Israel, scientists are going to learn even more amazing things that the cannabis plant can do.

In a perfect world, marijuana prohibition would have never occurred and we wouldn’t have lost 80 years of progress — 80 years that now have to be reversed. In that time possibly billions of people have suffered from ailments that could have been relieved by cannabis. But they didn’t know. They were lied to and told cannabis was dangerous.

They suffered for no reason. Cannabis has always been here for them.