Fact: Marijuana Treats Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Fact: Marijuana Treats Inflammatory Bowel Disease

New research published in the journal Inflammatory Bowel Disease backs up anecdotal evidence and the results of other clinical trials of cannabis for IBD.

Lead researcher Jessica Ravikoff Allegretti writes that in a poll of 292 IBD sufferers in Boston, a majority of those who used medical marijuana to treat IBD symptoms reported the federally illegal plant is "very helpful".

"A significant number of patients with IBD currently use marijuana. Most patients find it very helpful for symptom control, including patients with ulcerative colitis, who are currently excluded from medical marijuana laws. Clinical trials are needed to determine marijuana's potential as an IBD therapy and to guide prescribing decisions," the abstract states.

This research builds on major findings from Israel this year, that showed the efficacy of marijuana in treating Crohn's Disease.