Former Las Vegas Police Officer Opens Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Former Las Vegas Police Officer Opens a Medical Marijuana Dispensary


For 30 years David Kallas worked as an officer for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arresting, in his words, “narcotics sellers and drug traffickers.” Now he is opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas in conjunction with the Apothecarium out of San Francisco.

The dispensary, also named Apothecarium, is one of many sprouting up in the Las Vegas area and around the state. They serve the almost 15,000 patients currently registered in Nevada.

Kallas himself came to the issue of medical marijuana through a debilitating disease of his own, something known as Valley Fever, which affects the central nervous system.

"In the middle of the night,” he said, “do I get up and have to go because my leg is throbbing? The neuropathy that it causes in my feet or the general disease because of the doctor had locked the disease into a bone thinking they were doing something right but they actually did something wrong, so I've been living with that since 2006."

Later this year voters in Nevada will be going to the polls to decide on the recreational legalization of cannabis. If approved it would open up even more access to cannabis, for medical or recreational consumers.

Isn’t it amazing how things change? Twenty years ago David Kallas would have busted you for having cannabis; now he wants to sell you some to relieve your pain and other ailments. That is a microcosm of marijuana prohibition and what it has become. Minds are changing, and this is changing actions for millions of people across the U.S.

Some may think this means we can let up in our push for full legalization, but the opposite is true; now is the time to push harder than ever, before the window on legalization closes.