Is Marijuana a “Controversial” Treatment for Veterans?

Is Marijuana a “Controversial” Treatment for Veterans?


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that many people who hold authority in the United States have some rather bizarre views when it comes to marijuana. Many politicians and military brass will tell you that marijuana is a dangerous drug and they are worried about veterans using it to treat their ailments, and they’ll tell you this with a straight face.

For men and women who have lived through military training, wars, seeing their friends maimed or killed or being maimed or almost killed themselves, a joint is “dangerous.” Treating their ailments with cannabis is considered “controversial.” Despite mounting evidence that marijuana helps veterans greatly, especially with pain and PTSD, not everyone is on board with cannabis being an official treatment option.

What should be considered controversial is the glacial pace the federal government is moving at when it comes to approving cannabis as a medical option for veterans. Attempts have been made in Congress to at least allow Veterans Administration doctors to be able to discuss medical marijuana with their patients in states where it is legal, but they have gone nowhere.

Those who our government sends overseas to fight in wars having to rely on deadly and addictive painkillers should be considered controversial, but for many it’s the norm. They see no problem with saying they want our vets to have the best care and then not making sure that they have the best care.

When it comes to health care our veterans deserve choices. They deserve to have options and they deserve a say when it comes to their own treatment. If marijuana helps them there should be no “controversy” surrounding it.

There is nothing controversial about someone feeling better about their life, whether they are a veteran or not.