More Seniors Using Marijuana than Ever Before

More Seniors Using Marijuana than Ever Before

(Photo: CBS News)

Those in the higher age brackets have always been the most resistant to the idea of cannabis legalization. This is the case for a few reasons: 1) older people have heard the lies and propaganda about cannabis the longest. 2) Older people are always the most resistant to change. 3) Older people are less likely to be on the Internet and have access to all the new information that is available about cannabis. In short, they lack the truth.

But more seniors are getting the picture. In fact, the amount of seniors using marijuana is increasing quickly. Surveys show that while roughly 2.8 million people aged 55 and up in the U.S. were using marijuana in 2013, the number had grown to 4.3 million by 2014. That’s a pretty massive jump in just one year.

Yet when you think about it, this is not surprising. When it comes to using marijuana for medical reasons, most people use it to treat chronic pain. No group of people suffers from more chronic pain than seniors. Many of them are tired of prescription drugs and the side effects; they learn more about cannabis and they give it a try. They see it is clearly better and start ditching their pills.

Not only are more seniors using marijuana, the substitution of it for many of their pills will have the effect of giving them a better quality of life while extending their lives. Many of the pills seniors take have adverse effects when it comes to organs like the kidneys and liver; this is not the case with cannabis.

People with better information tend to make better choices. Many seniors are now making better choices thanks to all the people that spread the truth about cannabis. Continue to do so, so that more may be helped.